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This blog has been a really helpful tool for me in my ongoing recovery. Writing has always been a way for me to sort through thoughts and feelings. When my brain injury first occurred, I wrote and wrote endlessly. Survivors need to talk about their experience... a lot! I didn't want to drive my friends away, so I found new friends here. Brain injury is a very lonely experience and I have loved connecting with other survivors and friends here.

Not only is writing this blog therapeutic, but I also wanted to capture what it was like from the inside. I wanted to tell the world what it felt like to have a brain injury, as it is not something most people understand. With 2.5 million brain injuries per year in the United States, people should know what this really means in someone's life.

I have an interest in the healing process, and I wrote from the beginning because I find the unfolding of that process fascinating. As you go back in the archive, you can see how far I have come!

Knowing that other survivors have the same needs I do, I write about what I most wanted to know. How do peopel deal with this? Are there any tips that help? Are there any gifts in this? Anywhere?! How can I find a silver lining, without which, I had no idea how to cope. Will I ever get better? How do I balance hope and acceptance? I write in order to to give hope and inspiration to the others on this road, and on any challenging road.

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