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Nathalie Kelly: Writer, Inspirational Speaker, and Brain Injury Advocate

A a Board Certified Hypnotherapist with a busy practice in a medical office, Nathalie Kelly knew a lot about the mind’s power to heal the body. When a sailing accident left her with a traumatic brain injury, her world was suddenly turned upside down, putting everything she knew to the ultimate test. This amazing journey has led her to discover a new way to navigate life, leading with her heart and not her head. She is a writer and speaker committed to helping others find the courage to live more authentic and compassionate lives. 

Her blog is a fascinating journey from scrambled and disjointed grief to rediscovering joy. 

Her upcoming book is titled, Brainstormed: How I Lost My Mind & Found My Heart. To be notified when the book is available, please follow the blog. Thank you!

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